Staking a Claim to the Radical Center in Politics

January 8, 2018By Brian GoebelLatest Developments

Renewing Our Call for Reason in Government It is tough to be a centrist in the current political environment. The only centrist candidate in the recent Santa Barbara mayoral election finished 4th. Senator Feinstein faces a primary challenge because she often favors pragmatism over dogma. As a result, it’s easy to understand why many centrists … Read More

California’s Pension Crisis Will Soon Hit Close to Home

February 14, 2017By Brian GoebelLatest Developments

Drawing comparisons between Richmond, California and local municipalities, Brian Goebel builds on the Los Angeles Times’ series on “California’s Pension Crisis” to argue in a Post on that Santa Barbara area governments must take steps today to mitigate the many adverse consequences of exploding pension contributions.

Focus on California

February 10, 2017By Brian GoebelLatest Developments

Expanding on an excellent column by Dan Walters in the Sacramento Bee, Brian Goebel publishes a piece on arguing that California’s elected officials should keep an eye on DC, but get back to work fixing California’s myriad problems.

It’s Always Sunny in Santa Barbara County

December 6, 2016By Brian GoebelReason In Government

Has an abundance of Vitamin D desensitized us to our relative economic decline? As we enter the holiday season with the “Trump bump” in the stock market and a steady stream of accolades for President Obama’s economic stewardship in light of our declining unemployment rate, it is important to consider whether Santa Barbara County is … Read More

The Bullet Train Wreck

October 5, 2016By Brian GoebelReason In Government

Seeking to avoid additional scrutiny of the high-speed rail project he has championed, Governor Brown vetoed a bill that would have increased legislative oversight over the project.  Reason in Government scored the bill favorably in our Legislator Scorecard.  As the Wall Street Journal noted, the veto is a disservice to California taxpayers who must continue … Read More

No on Proposition 55

October 5, 2016By Brian GoebelReason In Government

The LA Times recently urged voters to reject Proposition 55, which would extend the supposedly temporary sales and income tax increases enacted through Proposition 30.  Not only does the proposed 12 year extension make a mockery of the previous promise that these tax increases would be temporary, but as the LA Times argues convincingly, it … Read More