Grading Santa Barbara County’s Economic Wellness – February 15, 2017

February 14, 2017By Reason in GovernmentLatest Developments

Report Card
Using its own novel model for assessing a county’s economic wellness, Reason in Government reviews relevant data and then grades the economic health and vitality of Santa Barbara County. This Report reveals that Santa Barbara County’s economy is not well, receiving an overall grade of “D+”. Notwithstanding a handful of positive trends, the County’s unemployment rate is high by historical standards, its poverty rate is high by any standard, its public finances are weakening at all levels of government, its high-paying jobs are in short-supply, and its lack of housing impedes economic growth. This Report contains several recommendations for actions that our elected officials, voters, business community, investors, and philanthropists should take in the near-term to improve our economic wellness and improve the quality of life in our County.


Legislator Scorecard 2.0 – October 2016

October 7, 2016By Reason in GovernmentLatest Developments, Reason In Government

Reason in Government grades all California Legislators on their radical centrism by examining their voting histories over four years, including legislation passed at the end of the current legislative session. This unprecedented effort to identify reasoned centrists in Sacramento includes surprising findings and novel insights regarding the voting behavior of California’s legislators. It is intended to educate voters and spark debate on the contours of centrism with a point of view as well as the need for government reform across California.