Governor Brown Vetoes Bill that Would Aid Cleanup of Summerland Beach

October 5, 2016By Brian GoebelReason In Government

Claiming that the Department of Conservation and State Lands Commission should have the primary responsibility for identifying and remediating leaking oil wells along the California Coast, Governor Brown vetoed a bill sponsored by Senator Jackson that would have spurred funding to cap leaking wells in Summerland and elsewhere along the coast.  Noozhawk flagged the veto earlier this week.  Even if he is right that existing State agencies have the authority and responsibility to identify and remediate leaking oil wells along our coast, Governor Brown’s belated direction that these agencies do their jobs does nothing for the residents of Summerland and begs the question:  “What have these agencies been doing for the last decade as oil has consistently leaked onto Summerland Beach from the long-abandoned Becker Well?”

Legislator Scorecard – 2016

June 1, 2016By Brian GoebelLatest Developments, Reason In Government

Reason in Government ranks all California Legislators from “radically centrist” to “persistently polarizing” by examining their voting histories over four years across a wide-range of legislation. This unprecedented effort to identify reasoned centrists in Sacramento includes surprising findings and novel insights. It is intended to educate voters and spark debate on the contours of centrism with a point of view as well as the need for government reform across California.